30 Days of Walking: Sound Walk September 2020

Sound Walk September 2020 is nearly upon us. SWS is the yearly festival of sound walks which I facilitate, together with Andrew Stuck (of the Museum of Walking) and Geert Vermeire (of Made of Walking), through the platform walk · listen · create.

This year, due to COVID, our received submissions and list of third-party events are somewhat limited, though, thankfully, lots of people, all over the world, are still participating.

To counter this challenge, we’re hosting a series of online events, ourselves, in September, as well as two collaborative works.

The first of these works is 30 Days of Walking, a collaboratively created sound walk in which anyone, everywhere, can participate; go for a walk, record some of it, and upload your recording. That is all.

Participation is open right now, and will remain so until mid-October, providing ample opportunity for participants to contribute their work.

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