Sliders Ultimate

Active project

Shortly after I shut down Sliders for Flickr, I discovered the MacOS app Plash, a lovely little app that allows you to set a website as your desktop background. I made some small changes to my web-app, optionally removing some interface elements, and added some configuration, and now I’ve got one of the screens in my multi-screen set up rotating between famous quotes, with a ‘magically’ attached, related, image.

This rekindled my desire to also set a webpage as a screensaver on my Mac.

It felt the last time I looked for this is a long, long time ago, as webviewscreensaver was released some 8 years ago. Even better, it still works.

I now could show famous quotes, as screensavers, but it made sense to revive Sliders as a web-app, with the specific intention to use the result as a screensaver, or desktop background.

So I did.

I originally built Sliders to turn my iPad into a digital photo frame. I recently bought a very large screen to work on as my main monitor, and now use my photos as its screensaver.

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