Restaurant review website with a twist

Had this idea a few weeks ago and thought about implementing. Don’t think I will, though, so if you’re looking for the next great idea that will lend you millions in takeover bids, here goes…

Restaurant review websites tend to focus on the quality and only mention the price. However, particularly for budget travellers and penny pinching bastards, this isn’t really helpful. In many countries, the price of a Big Mac menu is pleasantly low and something called the Big Mac index (info on Wikipedia) has existed for a while to compare the relative prices (and exchange rates) of the menus in different currency zones.

So… it makes sense to combine the two criteria, quality and price, in a more scientific manner and create a new rating standard for the world’s restaurants.
Ratings should be done for ‘complete’ meals, that is, meals that consist of meat (the hamburger), starch (fries) and a drink (a coke), like a McDonald’s Big Mac menu.

Meals would be rated according to objective quality and relative (to the Big Mac menu) price. Restaurants would be rated on the ratings of the individual meals and the number of meals available within a predefined price range (for example no prices higher than twice the local price of a Big Mac menu.

Now move along and make some money.