Multi Platform Authoring

A short guide on how to write for the web.

Over the years, really, I’ve come across a lot of suggestions on how to write for the web. What I have never seen is a simple tutorial which throws together all of these snippets of knowledge, building a quick reference or introduction on how to write for the web or, more accurately, a multitude of platforms.

I took some time and brought together a number of nuggets of wisdom, focusing on how to write for the web, both from a journalist’s (or blogger’s) perspective and from an editor’s perspective.

The central idea is to write your articles like they’re pyramidal in contents. That is, cut at whatever length, they should still make sense. Then, I added a series of what, perhaps for many, are considered no brainers, but still many writers get wrong when writing for the web.

The presentation, also available at Scribd is released under a creative commons attribution license.

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