F*ck f*ck revolution

If you’re into gaming, you might be aware of Konami’s series of musical and rhythmic games, released under the Bemani label. You also might be aware of some titles from competitors.

Probably the most famous of these games is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), in Europe called Dancing Stage. Other titles include Kareoke Revolution, ParaParaDance and Pop ‘n’ Bubble.
There’s also a series of karate games which allows the gamer to use pads, inside their knee and elbow cavities, to register the gamers arms and legs moves (more accurately: the bending).

I like to propose a new game, F*ck f*ck revolution (pronounced Fack fack revolution) , which will combine the above and add some new features:

Take two hard-metal dance pads from DDR. Position them across from each other such that the two handle bars are as far away as possible. Place the infrared detectors from ParaParaDance strategically around the two facing dance mats, typically next to the left and right arrows of the dance pads. Replace the standard microphones from Karaoke revelation with headset devices.
Players are required to wear the detectors from the karate games which will register whether knees or elbows are bent.

Then, I would like to introduce two new devices. The first is something of a cock ring with belt. There’s a flexible, stretchable, shaft available to fit around the penis. Along the shaft, there are receptors which can register pressure, light and temperature.
The shaft is not used without a branded, specifically for this purpose designed condom. I would like to call this device the RockHarder.
The second device is similar to a classic virginity belt for women, with the difference being two openings, one directly in front of the vagina, one directly in front of the anus. I would like to call this device the UnChastity.
Together, the Unchastity and the RockHarder will be able to register if and how far the shaft of the RockHarder has entered which opening in the UnChanstity. Of course, it will also be able to register speed, frequency and other related variables.
F*ck f*ck revolution is a game for two players in its in principle designed to be played by a man and a woman.

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F*ck F*ck Revolution devices
F*ck f*ck revolution devices. RockHarder: shaft (1), straps around waist and legs (2). UnChastity: holes for legs (1), hole in front of vagina (2), hole in front of anus (3).

Process of play:

The man will proceed to put on the RockHarder, the woman will but on the UnChasitity.
The game, typically available for the major consoles, will consist of limited time periods of game play, during which music with a clear rhythm is played. On the screen, the players will get to see what exact moves they will have to make to f*ck according to the displayed game plan.

Game play would include but not be limited to:

1. Positioning feet or hands on particular arrows, possibly moving during game play.
2. Arms or knees bended or stretched, possibly changing during game play.
3. Arms waving, or slapping, most likely to a certain rhythm.
4. Exclaiming particular texts at particular speeds or tonal levels.
5. Thrusting moves at specific rhythms, changing during game play.

F*ck f*ck revolution
Artist’s impression of F*ck f*ck revolution. DDR pads (1), ParaParaDance detectors (2), RockHarder and UnChastity (3), Karaoke revolution mics (4), elbow and knee bending detectors (5).

Most notably, the players could fulfil their wildest dreams using the different games available on the market. One could think of the following extension options:

+ A Kama Sutra game.
+ ‘how to survive longer in bed’ action pack.
+ An add on device for also allowing the mouth to be used as an insertion point, in addition to the two already available in the UnChastity.

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