Dérive app in Boston and NYC

After finally being allowed into the US of A, one of the classes I attended at Harvard was ‘Emotional Intelligence for Teams’, taught at MIT.
The class is unique, in that half the students were juvenile inmates at a Maine correctional facility. An important objective of the course is to engender mindfulness, self-awareness, and establishing this while working with others.

Within the course, we were divided into project groups, and ‘my’ group ended up making a physical Dérive app deck of cards, with a focus on mindfulness and slowing down.

Later, spending time in Brooklyn, I took the creation of a physical deck of task cards a step further: I printed Dérive app task cards for 9 decks of 56 cards, and split them into sheets of four cards, distributing them in sets of 3 to New York, and Brooklyn’s many Little Free Libraries.

The cards were drawn from Dérive app’s NYC deck, the newly created deck described above, and the Urban Base Deck, the default collection of task cards within Dérive app.

With this, I’m building on Dérive app’s concepts around exploring public space, playfully, while bringing attention to the many free book exchanges in the city that never sleeps.

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