Pecan heaven

I haven’t highlighted the joys of pecans yet.

The Small World has got a huge pecan tree hanging over the courtyard. Since autumn has started, the pecans have begun to come down and although you have to watch out not to get these sturdy nuts falling on your head, they taste delicious. And there are so many of them!


Meanwhile, I arrived at work today, to find a bunch Chinese hanging around, using digital cameras to record the current state of the stadium. I asked what was going on and it seems that the stadium will get a long-needed checkup soon.

Sports and animals

Since I’m not doing a lot about my physical wellbeing (running a couple of kilometers before going on a drinking binge every Monday doesn’t really count, does it), I can feel myself swell in every direction except the right ones.
So, last Saturday, Betsy and I decided to check out some sports clubs in the neighbourhood. The physical exercise of walking around was good. Visiting the clubs rather pointless.
At Old Hararians, it felt like still being in Rhodesia. Old whites in shorts hanging at the bar, old people dressed immaculately white playing bowls outside.
Alexandra sports club was different, but the same. Here, everyone was black. The bar was just being restocked, no doubt for the drinking party after the soccer match that was being played on the grounds.

On Sunday, we went to Mukuvisi woodlands. A small nature reserve on the outskirts of town. We saw the usual animals (including giraffe) and had some samosas at the arts and crafts fair on the grounds. We considered bying a huge hand made mask for a mere 60$. How to get it home..?

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Hanging out in former white colonies in southern Africa is nothing without a regular braai. Betsy prepared one on Friday and although we were surprised by a heavy tropical rainstorm just minutes before the chicken hit the braai, we still managed.