Tonight was a good night. The morning after, however, was pretty bad.

This week and next is my student organization‘s birthday celebration. I was asked to be a juror in a debating contest, together with a politician from the local student party, STIP and a member of the Erasmus debating society.

The level of the debates was quite reasonable although it was quite scary that part of the team that won was one guy whom I myself directed in a freshman play when I was still studying. But it has to be said, his time easily beat all the others on style.

The guy serving drinks wanted to close early, around 1am, I think, but we convinced him to stay open on the condition we would finish off a bottle of Famous Grouse. This is where things went wrong.

I got home at six in the morning, feeling good. I was woken up by my phone ringing at 11am with a headache I wouldn’t even wish upon my worst enemies.

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