Another week over

I’m not writing much indeed. The reason being that we’re quite restricted in our movements and I have not much to tell.
We have near-mandatory curfew after dark. Not that we all stick to it, exactly, but the curfew also means, since most other NGOs are even stricter, as compared to DACAAR, that all restaurants are virtually empty after dark. Not much fun, therefore.

Now, Kharga and Paghman both have been declared off-limits, after suspicious activity. A good thing I visited them on my first weekend here.
To make things worse, the generally held view is that the (perceived) security situation will not get better before the elections in September and probably even not before the winter.


With the house I now live in, we pay for a cleaner who also cooks. A bit awkward. Not the cleaning part, mind you, I only find that too pleasant.
It’s the cooking part. Tonight, he made a rather interesting pasta, with no meat but with chunky parts being potato. What’s more, it took him more than an hour to make. Indeed, the pasta was not al dente.
The man (for it is a man) also does our shopping. Something Lyn really appears to enjoy. I can’t say I really appreciate it. The ‘bazaar’, the shops, are only 30 meters from our front door, literally, and they stock all the stuff our cleaner can buy, him not going to Supreme or Blue.

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