On the town

As Betsy, Jimbo and I enjoyed a classical concert, Data and Wong spent several hours getting a police report for their insurance companies. Data’s car was broken into the previous night and a small bag was stolen form the car. It contained two glasses and a pair of trousers(?).

While we were visiting the more interesting sights of the city, Data kept on phoning his insurance company and several Renault dealers to try and find a garage that could install a new window in his car. In the end, his only option was to get a replacement plastic window in Ljubljana on the 2nd of January.

By now, it was already clear to me that Budapest wasn’t the city anymore I lived in some years ago. True, outer appearences were still quite he same, but the city has ‘Europeanized’ a lot over the years. In fact, it will join the European Union in only a couple of months and the plan is to introduce the Euro in 2007. Progress… progress.

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