On the banks of the Danube

Jimbo had been pressing for a night of clubbing from day one and on this New Year’s Eve he finally could have gotten what he wanted. That is, if he wouldn’t have fallen asleep in a pub we stopped at for a drink, around 2am.

Hungarians have a thing for spending New Year’s Eve outdoors. Either on the streets or at a pub/club/restaurant. Since we wanted to be able to move form one place to the next, we had a hard time finding a restaurant we could actually eat at without having to pay an exorbitant entry fee. We ended up eating pizza before heading out to Nyugati, the train station designed and built by a Mr. Eiffel himself. The area around Nyugati functions as Hungary’s Time’s Square and several tens of thousands of people had gathered to celebrate the new year together.

Jimbo had brought several bottles of real champagne (and a bottle of kids’ champagne for Data) and couldn’t help soaking himself with it just seconds before the new year, before peeing in the bottle, missing liberally.

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