No DDR in Bangkok

Just do it, white boy
Bangkok streets
Racguets tinnis

Although our night train from Bangkok would come through Ayuthaya before heading to Chiang Mai, we thought it safer to assume that if we wouldn't show up to claim our bunks in Bangkok, they would be hired out to potential passengers trying to leave Bangkok. We had to get to Bangkok. It's less than 80km from Ayuthaya to Bangkok. The first trip took us to the northern bus station, a good hour away. Then, another hour from the bus station to the main train station.

We went in search for a DDR machine and SF City, something of a Thai teenager's wet dream, seemed the best bet. Many Bemani (rhythm) games from Japan, including Guitar Hearo, Pop 'n' music and many more, but no DDR. Yes, one slightly hidden Pump It Up machine, but PIU simply doesn't do it for me.

After a long day in Bangkok, we finally managed to track down our seats on the train to Chiang Mai. Only to find that what we assumed was wagon 2 turned out to be 2/1, right between wagon 3 and 2. I mean, really, wagon two slash one?

Thought of the day

The good thing about bunk sizes in trains in Thailand is that they're big enough to always leave room for a cute little Thai girl.

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