When we were driving south and eastwards, towards Alsdorf in Germany to enjoy a showing of Rocky (Dr. Scott! Who?! Brad! Janet! etc.), I heard this pop song on the radio which used a sample from an ABBA song.
Knowing that only recently had Madonna managed to acquire the rights to sample ABBA, being the second person to do so, ever, I mentioned that that particular song I was listening too was using an illegal sample from ABBA. Stupid me.

I’ve been waiting to see Madonna’s new video clip for a while. A week or so. Not that I’m into Madonna, but the new clip features a Dancing Stage Fusion machine and I just had to see that. So, just now, I went over to MTV and checked out the new clip.
Of course it’s the song I heard on the radio last week. It’s good and it features DSF. What else can you ask for.

Oh, the title, you ask. The podcaster king uses his thick (fake-ish) American accent.

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