iPad, therefore iAm

Booyeah! Baba has an iPad. And he saw it was good. Even though T-mobile, when the sim card I was given didn't work, didn't even consider helping me out, directing me back to the store where I bought the device. There, we discovered that, at least for using the T-mobile prepaid sim card in an iPad in the Netherlands, you need to set the APN to 'internet' and the username and password to 'tmobile'. It's possible that if you leave your iPad connected to iTunes long enough, it might automatically update the settings, but out of the box it won't work otherwise.

I first virtually flagellated myself for buying a corded Apple keyboard, last year, in stead of a cordless, but I was able to stop the flagellation soon after. I didn't by the cordless because that one is smaller, more compact, and it's nice to be able to type on a full fledged keyboard. Turns out I managed to get my five, or more, year old foldable bluetooth keyboard working with the iPad. It even has a stand, designed for a smartphone, but who cares, which I can use. More booyeah!

I wasn't very happy with the cost of sleeves Apple has on offer. I ended up buying a nice sleeve in the shape of a manilla envelope for 10 euros at the TU Boekhandel Prins, as opposed to the 45 euros, and up, Apple tries to charge its customers. Even more booyeah!

Taking the opportunity of being in town, I scored more noms in the shape of fried, as well as raw, fish and ice cream. Surprised at the  high cost of a cone at possibly one of the Netherlands' best ice cream parlors, van Bokhoven (who don't have a website!), I decided to show them who's boss and try out De Delftse IJssalon (though their official name seems to be IJslokaal l'Acrobaleno), located on the market square. The price turned out to be pretty much the same and it was their whipped cream, not their ice cream which was their best asset. But even that didn't top the whipped cream from van Bokhoven. Though decent, it had a, only slightly, unpleasant aftertaste.
In the last week or so, yet another ice cream parlor opened in Delft, also on the market square. This one called Otelli, it has its ice cream buffet inside the store, which probably means they don't stand a chance in the long run.

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