Getting ready to go, yet again

Indeed, it’s again one of those times of the year again. Very soon, I’ll be leaving for quite a number of months to do nondescript things in some far away country. This time however, it’s not me who’s leading, it’s my girlfriend. She landed a job as a call center supervisor in South Africa and this time it’s me who’s going to do the relaxing.
That is to say, I’m not relaxing now. As these things go, work is piling up in the days before my departure. I still have a bit over two weeks before I leave, but already on Friday will we have to leave our apartment, meaning I’ll become something of a wanderer (“Yeah a wanderer”) for the next few weeks. Maybe I should consider the nice bridges of the south of France. What do you think?
Will code for food. No, wait. Will code for a place to sleep. Who’s offering?

It’s been a lot of goodbyes these past days. Betsy is leaving on Tuesday and if all goes well, she won’t be back for a year. Yes, one full year. I’ll be back in September, when I’ll probably leave again for Iran, after which I’m expecting to return to South Africa again.

We’ll be living in Jo’burg. Not the best of cities, but it’ll have to do. At least they’ve got a Hash right in the suburb where we’ll live.

Work wise, I’ve been finalising (finally!) and and I had to do some minor work on However, at the same time, my preferred hoster, Readyhosting, has been bought by some other company and they’re moving servers. And since the new server’s have different specs from the old ones, some of my stuff has stopped working.
This is also partially the reason why I’ve upgraded/downgraded (depending on how you look at it), that golden oldie of websites. By no means is that site as popular as it was in the early days, but when I sent out a notification email saying the site’s been upgraded, the site’s popularity, for a brief while, soared in to the top 30.000, globally. So apparently it can still pack a little punch.

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Also, I’m slowly moving forward with organising my thoughts and pictures from my very emotional trip to Iran last year. I hope to round that up before I leave for South Africa, clean slates and all that. We’ll see.

So, South Africa, again. I wish we could avoid these three winters in a row. Then again, we’ll have braai, beer, breasts (I’m sure there will be some, somewhere) and bushes (but that’s not all that attractive, is it).