Getting back all the way

On the flight from Istanbul to Amsterdam, to my left, a young Turkish couple was browsing through a book with Turkish baby names. The rest of the plane seemed to be filled with screeming, annoying, irritating babies and young kids.

When we finally were allowed to enter the Ariana plane in Kabul, we were already one hour late. By the time we left, an F-16 fighter having littered the runway, which needed to be cleaned up, we were over two hours late.
I finally picked up my luggage at Istanbul airport, a bit after three pm. My plane had left at 1:30pm where, supposedly, I was going to have about two hours between flights.

Going over to the Turkish airlines ticket offices, I asked which was the next available flight they could book me on. 23rd of August.
I bought a last minute ticket, the last seat, on an Onur Air flight and left.


I’m happy my project in Afghanistan is over. I really consider the project finished, it was time to move on, although DACAAR would now strongly benefit from a guy like me working with them one or two days per week.
On the other hand, I really enjoyed myself in Kabul, the city starting to feel like home. It’s a nice place, people are friendly and although the social calendar is rather short, there’s always something to do.

Until next time.

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