F**king social media

My client for what is to supposed to be a web2.0 application, OVCsupport.net, could use a bit of insight into what ‘social’ means. In fact, though originally claiming to want something akin a social network, they’re stripping more and more dynamic and, indeed, social functionality from the site under development, aiming for more and more control of the content. Of course, this can only, ultimately, result in failure, recreating, in effect, a sparsely visited archaic website, presenting stale content, with no communication whatsoever, pushing content in one direction without allowing users to contribute meaningfully.

The above presentation is from last year, made by Marta Kagan. Recently, she made an updated version.

The presentation below starts of with a lot of very ridiculous but true number crunching. The numbers so big, it’s funny.

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