Everyman’s palimpsest

Back in Lima, a few weeks ago, I attended the opening of an exhibition where the artist’s most prominent works were palimpsests which he had constructed himself from individual pieces. I thought the idea nice, but the results also somewhat amateurish. In addition, there didn’t seem to be any meaning to his constructions, which made me realise that art without meaning is just play.

I decided to try my own hand at creating a palimpsest, where the individual components are taken from palimpsests from across the world.

The image above consists of pieces from:

+ Vienna, Austria (Aaron Muszalski)
+ Wuppertal, Germany (Henning Mühlinghaus)
+ Wuppertal, Germany (Henning Mühlinghaus)
+ Wuppertal, Germany (Henning Mühlinghaus)
+ Toronto, Canada (Eric Parker)
+ Austin, TX, USA (Delaney Turner)
+ Cairo, Egypt (John Kannenberg)
+ Granada, Spain (Adam Jones)
+ Kashan, Iran (Adam Jones)
+ Pondicherry, India (Adam Jones)
+ Rivington, UK (Gilly Youner)
+ London, UK (Eric Parker)
+ London, UK (Eoin McDonell)
+ A piece by Eric Parker

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