Even more pecans

Got up terribly early today to go to the airport with Ivor. He was flying to Amsterdam and agreed to take some of our luggage with him, so that we don’t have to lug it around when we start touring the region in a couple of weeks.
It was a challenge: He was only allowed to take 23 kilograms and my luggage alone was already 25. Normally, these people can’t really be bothered, but soon after Ivor checked in, I joined the group of people re-ordering their luggage, moving as much as possible to hand luggage.

Nice nuts

When I arrived at the lodge, I was welcomed by huge bowls, filled to the brim with pecan nuts. Pete and Rachel had arrived earlier in the week and Pete decided it was time to enjoy a healthy share of nuts, climbing in the tree and thuroughly shaking it.
Now he wants to make pecan butter.

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