Easter Island parallels

I can see some parallels between Rapa Nui and another remote island I visited, Bermuda. Though the underlying culture here is Chilean, Spanish if you will, with a strong sprinkling of what I suppose is Polynesian, where in Bermuda it's a mix of British and American.
The more interesting parallel is with the few more popular African tourist sites. These, too, tend to be like islands in the middle of nowhere, having to ship in virtually everything they consume, while businesses having a virtual monopoly on what's available for sale, without always needing, or able to, provide quality service and products. Like on Easter Island, if you run some guesthouse in a remote part of some nearly forgotten African country, where are you going to get a plumber when you need one? And internet speeds are abysmal. It seems all data comes in through satellite and is widely shared. Still, the few Internet cafés seem continuously occupied by local kids surfing Facebook.

At one of the internet cafes, Korean music videos played in the background, with at least one of the (Chilean) staff regularly singing along with the music.

Amazingly, Kashgar is about as far away as Muscat, but going around opposite sides of the globe.

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