Dinner and more

Today was a good day for filming. That is, the weather was terrible, but I shot a total of 11 interviews today, so I’m a happy man.

In the evening, I had dinner with Betsy and Duco Hoogland at Bazar in Rotterdam. It’s been a while since I ate here. Last time, some years ago, the food was mediocre at best but this night, it was truly fabulous. The food is Middle Eastern and the place is run by an Iranian, although it’s owned by those people from Dudok.

Afterwards, we stopped by Club Math, where former director of National Dutch Television (NOS) has started something of a club with a difference. He was happy to do an on-camera interview although he seemed to walk the fine line between brilliance and crazyness.

Betsy went home for the final leg of the day, but together with Duco and two of his friends we stopped by ‘de beurs’, a student cafe/disco where the average age and the number of girls would have been welcomed by my friends Data and Jimbo.
Although many of the girls were cute, I was surprised to see too many of them wear ugly jeans skirts (although, positively, they were quite short). I also realised that, although the bulk of these youngsters still looked smart, promising, energetic and in control of their lives, in only a couple of years, most of them will have physically bloated and ended up in dead end jobs with neither control or a future.

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