Derive Day

Picking up the trash
Picking up the trash
Taking public transport
Following... something black
Sharing a mango
Inconspicuously photographing a hat
Something yellow
Such a handbag
It's a passenger train! In Kampala!
What passes for a couple
Unprompted, Sylvain takes a photo
Following something green
Some church was his favorite building in Kampala
A lovely building in downtown Kampala
At peace
Finding a streetlamp
Starting our dérive
During our dérive

Dérive app is maturing quickly, and with help from Veronica Yow, Eduardo and myself threw together Dérive Day, a simultaneous event all over the world, where participants used Dérive app to explore their own urban environment to, so to speak, get lost in their own city.

So, of course, we explored Kampala, and found several never-before-seen places while shooting some nice enough snaps. 

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