Crowdsourcing my next profile picture

You can pick my next profile picture. The two candidates are right here. Pick your favorite, or not, in the form below. My current profile picture dates from perhaps some five years ago, maybe even more, so it’s more than time to update to a new one. And, hey, aging makes men only look *more* attractive, right?
I can go and stand in front of a mirror and take pictures of myself until I find the perfect one, but as this is the age of crowdsourcing, I thought I’d try something different. With your help.
Both photos were taken by Niamh, in Brighton, earlier this year. The statue, located next to the Brighton pier, is officially called The Big Green Bagel, but colloquially is called both The Seasick Doughnut as well as The Big Green Bagel and was a gift from the mayor of Naples. Apparently, the statue is rather controversial amongst Brightonians, but I quite like it.

That's all folks
That’s all folks
Deer in the headlights
Deer in the headlights


Current results are shown below. If you just voted, it might take a few minutes for the chart to be updated. Reload the page when you’re ready…

And the winner is…

With a clear lead, “Deer in the headlights” is a winner with half the votes to its name (10/20), more if you include the ‘Either one’ option. Interestingly, unprompted, all three votes for “Other” suggested the current picture (made by Nico several years ago).

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