Crap day at the market

Today marked our first day of selling our Zimbabwean statues at a real market. And it sucked. We just made enough to NOT recoup the costs incurred for being allowed to have a stand on the market.
So counting our labour, food, drinks, gas and the acutal costs of the statues, we lost by a long shot.

Then again, talking to our neighbours, we learned that not only this particular market is one of the worse ones and that they had experienced much worse on several occasions. Pfff.

We still have two more days to go. Apparently, Saturday should be the big day. I really hope so. I would like to have dinner this weekend too.

Meanwhile, Betsy recieved a message from a friend of ours we met in Harare. She said that close to where she lives (in Canada), a Shona art gallery is selling statues for up to 15000 Canadian dollars…

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