Breakfast of champions

One of the Moscow airports

Breakfast was pretty good and luxurious, having it served in probably the city’s nicest restaurant. I had decided to stay two nights but since I had already seen mother Russia, there wasn’t much left for me to see in Volgograd. The satellite of the previous evening gave me the idea of visiting the planetarium, where I was treated on a light show on a very large semi-sphere, some 50 meters in diameter, hanging overhead.

After a relaxing day, I went back to the hotel pretty early and asked if there was a solution for me getting breakfast the next morning, even though I would have to leave at 4.30am. Since staff had been very helpful throughout my stay, I wasn’t really surprised that they had a solution. I could collect my breakfast before 11pm in the evening, so that I could take it with me the next day. Simply wonderful.

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