Boney M and Chinese food

Today was a VERY good day. Although we just missed a free meal of Chinese food at the newly opened Golden Wok restaurant in the Hague, we still got a good discount on the all-you-can-eat they have on offer.

What was more important: Betsy and I went over to Holland Casino Rotterdam to see Boney M, live in concert. This band, unknown in the States, had all their original hits in 1977 and 1978 and since then, Mr Frank Farian has been recycling their hits in remix after remix. And for some strange reason, their songs still sound as cool, or should this be camp, as ever.

Bobby Farrel is back with the girls, it seems, all members have been recycled at least once. Bobby, of course, is still cool. Now, at 54, he’s as thin as an undernourished anorexia patient, but he still has the moves. True, he’s slower and less jumpy, but he still sweats as much.

The venue, too, was intrigueing. They had to perform on a tiny stage, maybe four meters in diameter, around which housewife sat next to housewife, going completely through the roof on Farrell’s moves and the girls’ singing.

Daddy. Daddy cool.

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