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Ah, Mr. Koestler, I've been expecting you

Like an apparition of years past, Joost, Data, Edwin, Hogo and myself all synchronized our plans to meet Benno in Budapest. For a few days, with an additional trip to good ol' Balaton, one of the largest lakes in Europe, and one of the few names in Hungary which descends from Hungary's Slavic predecessors.

On our first day Benno threw a housewarming party, recently having moved house. Painfully, due to our having to wake up at 430 to catch our cheap and early flight, Niamh and I had several moments in the course of the evening where we were ready to keel over.
The trip to Balaton, us staying in Revfulop, was my first in almost 15 years. Good times, and interesting to see that the lake now hosts some dozen Tescos as well as some dozen Lidls. Things change fast.
One full day was spent in and around Balacsony, where an annual wine festival kept us busy for a day. Then, after a morning dip in the lake, we headed back to Budapest before everyone's return to home ground and Benno and my departure for our Bessarabian adventure.

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