Babak Fakhamzadeh: A true artiste

It’s official, I am an artist. Of course, I’ve always been, not in the least because I’m a fan of Fluxus, which, briefly, states that ‘Everything is art and everyone’s an artist’. But now, there’s no denying it, even if you can’t appreciate Fluxus.

Why? As of last Wednesday, I’m officially a resident artist at The Bag Factory (TBF), for no less than 11 weeks. And all I have to do is exhibit work I created during this coming period. And if you recognize the name of TBF, that’s because it’s the same guys with whom I organized this year’s photomarathon in Jo’burg. It was a bit of an accident, me ending up here as a resident artist, but then again, isn’t life one huge accident?

And what will I do? Well, it’s not cast in stone yet, but it will probably be something related to photography and the web. What a surprise, eh?

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