Another project I won’t do

For some reason, every time I’m about to start a big, but underpaid, project, I also get the oppertunity to do a small but highly paid project. However, every time, I have to let go of the small project since I can’t fit it in with my obligations.

Today, I was driving back from KHZ, picking up boxes to store my stuff in for moving to Zimbabwe, I was called by Aquent for a one-month project in Amsterdam. If all goes well, I’ll now be leaving Holland for Zimbabwe in two weeks time or so. So no project in Amsterdam for me then.
For some reason, this has happened on numerous occasions. Back in December, when Betsy and I were doing the training in Utrecht, Aquent had another job for me. As did they just shortly after we started our language course. And right before I went off to Mongolia, etc.

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