An action packed weekend

A PC should have been waiting for me upon my arrival in Zimbabwe. This was promised, weeks before my entering the country. As it turned out, I had to come up with the required specifications myself, the day after my arrival and had to shop around for it, myself, a week later.
I didn’t really mind the slow process for obtaining a PC. I WAS annoyed by the fact that ICCO and myself were simply lied to. Even on my first day at the SRC, the DG (Director General) said the PC would be purchased today. Right.

Two weeks later, the check had finally been issued by the SRC, and we left for picking it up. However, no one had phoned in advance, meaning, of course, the PC wasn’t assembled yet. We had to wait another two days before we could collect the system. Then, two days later, the SRC wanted them to deliver the PC!

It took another four days before the PC finally entered my office, last Friday. The next step was to get an extension cord. I wanted to pick one up, while driving back from the computer store, but the guy driving me made it clear we had no more time to stop anywhere. The car needed to be back at the office, it was needed for preparations in relation to ANSA, the Annual National Sports Awards.

And then, after purchasing the extension cord myself on Monday, I found out the sound card was having a problem. I have to bring it back. Getting a driver takes at least a day!

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To cool down, in the evening I came home to Precious and Darlington preparing a wonderful braai, barbecue. All sorts of salads, meats, rice and more. Guests of the lodge and friends of Darlington were all over the place, resulting in a nice evening of chillin’.


Saturday evening saw the more or less official close to the Francophone week. Although on Sunday, we did visit Le Tam Tam and enjoyed the finales of the petanque competition, Saturday marked the actual ending of the week with a concert by Magic System, a band from Burkina Faso.
I had wanted to go there, but attended the ANSA ceremony at the Sheraton instead. I made sure I wasn’t going to drink any red wine that night. This event, where the SRC commemorates the best sport players of the year, seemed like a better choice and also gave us the possibility of being seen on television. Some of our friends did watch at home, and it seems our faces weren’t shown on the tube. Then again, it would have been impossible to stay awake during the whole show. Although the squealing of the sound system probably awakened some sleeping viewers at home.

To keep up the suspense, with three nominees in each category, they would announced third place first, then second place, before, surprise surprise, announcing the winner. Most people didn’t really seem to notice.