A weekend of good food

Friday night started with dinner at Le Corsica, the excellent northern Mediterranean restaurant right next door to where I live. Saturday morning followed with a very nice brunch at Epi d’or. Sunday morning saw a superb brunch at Saffron followed by an excellent dinner and drinks at Campbed‘s campsite.
And tonight, with some luck, Banzai will host the hash, following it up with a sushi dinner.


I’ve been sending my books into the wild using Bookcrossing for quite a few years now. When it was launched, Bookcrossing was innovative. Not that it no longer is, but the website has really aged over the last few years. A good thing that, only very recently, they started seriously upgrading the interface, even though RSS feeds and an API are still lacking.
The more recently launched aNobii is very pretty and has a basic API and the more Spartan LibraryThing is complemented by a very nice API, but neither incorporate the Bookcrossing concept. Then there’s a favorite of mine, OpenLibrary, but their objective isn’t to bring book owners together, but to extensively list all books of the world.

What I would want is an easy way to tie together the books on my website with a social service like aNobii, giving visitors of my site access to reviews by others and linking my library on the social service to the reviews on my site. And I want this through matching the ISBN numbers of the books, where the service then needs to be able to aggregate all different versions of the same book.

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