A note for the road

I’ve been using the application Sidenote for a few months now. It’s a small little app which lives in the sidebar of my Mac desktop, from which it’s very easy to make quick notes on anything you fancy.
Problem is, now, twice, I’ve lost a note after rebooting. The first time I figured it an annoying freak occurrence. Today, the second time, I had no choice but to stop using Sidenote.
On both occasions, I lost notes which I had written a while back; early, unfinished, posts for my blog. Stuff that’s not yet fit to go online for whatever reason. But because I wrote the stuff weeks or months before, it’s not straightforward to just rewrite these texts from memory.

So, now, I’ve moved to the much heavier application Evernote.

Run forest

First setting the hash in Delta park, then picnicking for Bronwyn and Marcus‘ birthday in Emmarentia, then the hash in Delta Park, then food and drinks at the Blue Goose. A Saturday well spent.
At Emmarentia, Rat and Ismail had brought their two hypercute kittens.


Stevan is quite the music freak. He’s got a ridiculously professional turntable and pumps some amazing tunes out of his large collection of vinyl. Today, he went to a vinyl fair where he picked up another box of goodies, including a 20 Rand (2 USD) pristine Jazz by Queen. It’s so good, it almost makes me cry.

And two more for the road

More sex for better relationships. And it’s now Mikaeel, not Michael, Jackson.

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