16 Jun 2006 | Soccer, sad and Flickr

Flower in my garden

Had a bit of a sad bout this morning while browsing through the Exclusive Books store in Sandton. I was waiting for the stationary store to go open and was overwhelmed by the many good books I'm never going to have time for to read.
One interesting book, to me at least, was The Dead Man in the Bunker. For obvious reasons.

Soccer fever is in full swing here, even though South Africa didn't stand a chance at making it to the final 32 at the World Cup. In 2010, SA will be hosting the event so at least, then, they will make it to the last 32. Now, on the telly at least, they're going crazy for every and any African team. Not that any are currently set to make it to the last sixteen, but anyway.

Since I don't have too much work to coming my way, I'm upgrading several of my websites and creating some new ones. For one, I'm tightly integrating Flickr with my own site. The pictures below are stored on Flickr but can be seen here. This will allow me to move this website away from my current host and to the host where I'm currently hosting some 20-odd websites.

Ask a ninja

It should be obvious. I'm not all too busy over here in SA. But with a decent enough internet connection, I was able to stumble upon and check up on an old favorite. The rather interesting series of 'Ask a ninja'. As I also look forward to killing you soon, I very much loved this episode. Of course, because it features Dance Dance Revolution.

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