28 Jan 2003 | Searching for Suriname

Jesus on the cross

In January and February, I visited Suriname together with Betsy Elstak. Betsy had lived there for some ten years but hadn't been back for more than ten years now. So when a friend of mine said he was going to get engaged in Suriname, we had no choice but to go there. Only a week prior to our departure, did he change his mind. He was going to get engaged in Trinidad. We had already purchased our tickets.

What did we do? Well, meet old friends, of course, but we also got covered in Bauxite dust, cycled past old plantations, met crazy English people, experienced the final Ariane 4 launch, got bitten by hundreds of mosquitoes and more.

Needless to say, we had a great trip. But I still don't understand the Surinamese fascination with Johnnie Walker Black Label.

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