GOAL is an international humanitarian agency dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the poorest of the poor. For their Disadvantaged Children and Youths Program (DCYP), they needed a web-based system to monitor progress of the youths through GOAL’s support processes to facilitate reintegration. The system, monitoring several 1000s of youths, was to replace a paper based workflow.
The system needed to be accessible from multiple locations and required semi-hierarchical access rights for different individuals as well as the ability to fully audit any change in information. On top of that, the system needed to provide information as to what extent predefined EU indicators were being met by implementation of the program. is a generic workflow management system that caters to the requirements of GOAL’s DCYP, but is flexible enough to be used in a host of other situations.

I used a host of external tools to build the environment.

+ Bootstrap, from Twitter, as the basis for the visual interface.
+ FormHandler to, well, dynamically handle forms.
+ GeLS, from NotOneBit, to handle user registration.
+ jQuery for scripting goodness.
+ Sebastian Tschan’s BlueImp file uploader.
+ Chosen, to make forms prettier.
+ Fancybox, for nice lightboxes.
+ A CSS parent selector by Kasper Mikiewicz.
+ A nice drag and drop library by Denis Howlett.
+ Sisyphus, by Alexander Kaupanin, to cache forms locally.
+ Springy, by Dennis Hotson to create pretty graphs.

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