Capital Bank intranet and website


This is the first platform I’ve built which is not publicly available. Used only within the main branch of Capital Bank, in Mongolia, this intranet site is basically a Management Information System for all layers of the organization. The objective is to host it locally, within their own building, and have other branches dial in to supply and recieve information.

Considering this is only my second PHP project, I am quite satisfied with my progress and the results.

Also a website

From mid-2004, the Capital Bank website was, for a while, a version which I left as a draft, not having been able to wrap it up within the time I had at my disposal. Nevertheless, local staff appears to have tied the loose ends.

And, even, a photo of myself even made it to the frontpage. Last year, I was there when they were shooting pictures for a company brochure. And being the only foreigner working at the bank, some of the pictures had to involve me. Now, one of those pictures made it to the frontpage.

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