Treasure hunt

Over the weekend, Marjoleine, Fi and myself went on the Amari Rincome rally, a treasure hunt by car from the Amari Rincome hotel in Chiang Mai to the Amari resort in Doi Angkhang, a 200km drive through pretty countryside, while we had to solve a series of puzzles along the way and play games at several of the stops.

This being Thailand, we had to also compose a song and, god forbid, perform it. We had to come up with a text related to global warming, while being forced to use a series of words in the text itself. These included mysterious words such as Heew Zuzar and Pa Long Rar Rak. Participants of the rally could choose to do the song in English or Thai, in which case, I’m sure, the obligatory words would have made quite a bit more sense.

To the tune of Yellow Submarine:

On the road to Doi Anghkang
We are singing this little song
Drive safely, and be cool
That way, you use less fuel

Chorus (2x)
Pa Long Rar Rak
Firefly there and back
Go eat noodle Heew Zuzar
Try to walk not use your car

Plant trees, grow avocado
Eat more fruit, use less gasahol
Don’t forget it and just see
Protect our planet, and be free

Chorus (2x)

We were a bit worried we’d have to ‘do’ the song at the evening’s bash at Doi Angkhang. Luckily, the very last game of the day, during the day, was actually performing the piece in front of staff in the gardens of the royal agricultural project, close to the hotel.
Not surprisingly, our attempt at any lyrical genius was pathetic, while received with the loudest of cheers. And, we were happy we had put this challenge behind us.

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Then, during the evening’s party, we were called to the stage to perform our ‘special song’… 150 peeps went wild.

We ended up coming in 11th out of 31 finishing cars, but every participant went home with a prize, some with significant prizes, which included air tickets to Laos, Bangkok, Chiang Rai and nights stay in the two Amari hotels.
For us, the winnings were slightly less spectacular, though we still went home with an exclusive brunch voucher, tickets to the Chiang Mai Night Safari and t-shirts.

Both the scenery in Doi Angkhang as well as in Chiang Dao, where we stopped on the way back, are superb.

Unfortunately, no pictures (though Marjoleine has put up a few on Facebook). My camera seems to have finally given up the ghost. Time for a spectacular new camera or a simple point and shoot?