Sparkling Ljubljana

We drove down to Ljubljana today and although the European Union is paying for quite a couple of good highways on the stretch from Budapest, through Croatia, to Ljubljana, most of the roads were still byways and we arrived just before darkness fell.

Ljubljana is lovely, and with the whole town in lights, as they apparently do each Christmas, it’s more than beautiful.
We ate at Sokol where a grumpy waiter made mistake after mistake and the pizza baker was still sick from his new year’s celebrations. Jimbo finally got his wish of visiting a club but we had a hard time steering him clear of the children’s disco next to ‘Papillon’, where we eventually ended up.

Wong, Betsy and I mostly remained seated around one of the tables. Data and Jimbo, however, almost constantly, for hours, surveyed the room. I couldn’t help be reminded of this one time in 1992, when I visited Prague for the first time.
It still wasn’t easy to find good bars and clubs and we had ended up at this ‘pit’, where most of the clientele were locals getting drunk quickly on cheap beer and licquor. Most of the guests were young students and most particularly the girls were easy targets for anyeone with a bit of cash.
Standing against the walls were older men, over 40, who just waited for anyone of the young girls to have drunken enough to start offering them more before asking them home.

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