Serbian in Irkutsk

In Irkutsk
Somewhere in Irkutsk

I had been a little bit downcast about the relatively high price of the room, when I made the reservation the day before. However, for a change, breakfast was included in the price and it wasn’t the one bread roll with jam and either tea or coffee. In fact, I could choose whatever I wanted from a large table, filled to the brim with goodies and a multitude of dishes. Sure, it wasn’t a Sheraton, but I guess you could call it a Sheraton in Russia. This made more than up for the moths and the cockroaches.

I decided to ‘chill’ for the day and go to Baikal the next day. Saw a couple of things I missed the previous day, had my hair cut (for $3) and bought Star Wars, the Phantom Menace for $1.35.

I had agreed to meet Roma again in the evening. We ate at a Serbian restaurant, drinking Czech beer and afterwards went to the ‘Island of youth’, drinking more beer. To my big surprise, when at the island, we actually bumped in to the group of Belgians I had already come across in Ulan Ude! Imagine, the chances of that happening!

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