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Active project

Two years ago, I started an aggregator of content created by walking artists at I am the Walker . com. This year, working together with Andrew Stuck, of the Museum of Walking, and Geert Vermeire, of Made of Walking, we organised the second instalment of Sound Walk Sunday, which quickly evolved into Sound Walk September (SWS). SWS saw over 80 events, all focussed on sound walking, hosted all over the world.

Now, walk · listen · create takes over from I am the Walker . com, as ‘the home of walking artists’, adding the possibility for walking artists to also include events related to walking art, as well as list their walking pieces, their art, in an open online directory.

In addition, walk · listen · create is the new home of Sound Walk September.
Next year’s addition is promising to be an even bigger event, as we’re currently looking at putting together an advisory board, while working on establishing a range of partnerships to professionalize future events.

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