Hash House Harriers Songbook

Active project

Finally, a mobile app that has all the songs you need when hanging around in a Hash circle.

Available for Android and iOS… if Apple can be convinced to accept the app.
Two weeks after submitting the app to the iOS app store, the app was denied for two reasons:

+ “Your app includes content that is intended to upset or disgust users. Specifically, the app contains vulgar content such as references to bestiality.”
+ “Your app is primarily a book and is therefore not appropriate for the App Store.”

The second argument seems like a straw man to me. The first is, of course, part and parcel of the app.


In October 2018, I added persistence of user details between app installs and devices, as well as the ability for users to include and share their own songs. This, after an actual phone call with Apple, discussing some additional functionalities of the app, mostly around policing potential abusive behaviour, resulted in the app also becoming available on the iOS app store.

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