Employee of the month club

Employee of the month club
Employee of the month club

In January, I was on a spending spree, having a happy meal at the McDonalds in Sandton. I like happy meals, because they’re nice snacks and, when fresh, tasty. And you get a toy. I -love- the toy.

This time, the toy was an iZ, a cute musical toy which comes in many different flavours.

While munching on my fries and sipping my milkshake, my eyes fell on to the ‘Employee of the month’ display. And it was empty.
Then it hit me.

Sadly, by the time I had the cards ready and returned to McDonalds Sandton, January’s employee of the month had been filled up. And what was worse, all McDonalds I visited after -also- had their January spot filled.
No more fun for me there.

So, you’re welcome to use the images. I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know if you pwned some MickeyD (or other chain) somewhere.

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