Open festival season

We arrived at our first theatre, only minutes before the show started. We had first driven to Falkirk, to make sure we’d be able to check into the Formula1 I had made reservations at, only to discover we couldn’t get in until 12. Meanwhile, looking through the entrance door, a fat cat was, visibly content, sleeping on the reception desk.

Edinburgh is a really beautiful city. A bit like Luxembourg, but more cosmopolitan. Anywhere you look, there’s a nook or cranny to explore, a pub to try or a restaurant to lounge in. Our first show, Arabian Night, was reasonable. The story wasn’t as well developed as the actor’s intentions and the best part was the style, where the players were not only acting, but also telling their thoughts, as if reading aloud from a book.

The gap between Arabian Night and 1001 Nights (The Arabian Nights), our next show, left us to do some exploring around the beautiful city.
The show was total crap. Three, but mostly one, lady danced on oriental-ish music. The dancing was mediocre and not very entertaining. Near the end, the dancer tried to explain the act, but nobody really seemed to believe her. We quickly made our exit to do some more walking around on the Royal Mile and waiting for our next show, a midnight tour of some of the haunted underground vaults of the city.

Edinburgh has a very colorful history and, based on some of it, it’s not surprising many people believe the city’s haunted. Then again, it’s just a large British city, so it *should* be haunted.
After the tour, we had drinks with Clyde, I mean Claire, and two of her girlfriends. First in ‘The Vault’, the club where the underground tour ended, and later in some pub the girls wanted to go to but closed shortly after we arrived. Clive, I mean Claire, was a fun character who was easily satisfied: it only took a cardboard box to make her happy. That, and everyone’s favorite magician Paul Zenon (who?).
We decided to call it a day and, after downing what seemed like a bucket full of fish and chips, each, slept only minutes before 4am. We had to get up at 9:30 since checkout time was at 10…

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