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High tea
On camera
Ready to dig in
Who wanted that bull?
1000 dollars!
Paying the restaurant bill in Harare
SAfAIDS staff + Babak
Rouzeh and Sara
Food on the table

With two days work as a consultant for SAfAIDS, one day work at SAfAIDS as a visiting HDN employee, regular work for HDN, close-to-last-minute work for a South African client, SACSIS and internet connectivity that makes connections in South Africa seem like extremely broadband, it’s been a hectic week. Not to mention the time I’m spending with Rouzeh.

I found it surprising to see that, on the surface, so little has changed in Harare. The streets are structurally more quiet, but that’s pretty much the only thing. After ten, nothing seems to be going on anymore, I haven’t seen the bar in the lodge open yet.
The same shops, some new ones, busy, even classy, expensive restaurants. And even a few wireless hotspots at surprisingly reasonable prices. ‘IB’, Italian Bakery, in Avondale, close to the lodge I’m staying and a favorite of mine four years ago, now offers wireless internet at 3 USD per 24 hours (over a period of 90 days). At black market rates of course. Then again, when I tried, I couldn’t get it to work here.
Close to Avondale, there’s ‘Cork’, a gallery and coffee shop. Wireless access is slightly more expensive, at 3.5 USD, but good.
Sitting at Cork one afternoon this week, I had to share the connection with six other pros. Six mobile offices.
The third and last, I was told, option for wireless internet, is a place called Gecko, apparently quite a bit out of town.

The Small World Lodge hasn’t change much, on the surface. The parking lot stores four cars by the new owner, none of the waterworks channel water, I have no water in my room, the three cats are no longer there, almost no guests even though HIFA is around the corner

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Not that I see too much of the lodge, as the days are spent working like mad, well, if there’s a connection (and electricity), including the weekend days and the evenings are spent with Rouzeh, often at her place.
Rouzeh and I spent quite a bit of time together back in and around Chiang Mai, a few weeks back and had an extremely good time. Although Harare doesn’t currently have similar riches or opportunities to offer, we’re coping very well. Hey, you don’t always have to go out to have a good time.