More lessons

Doing homework after our first day of lessons was hard. Betsy and I felt we didn’t know a thing and had to look up all the words we thought we had learned in the first place. Frustrated, after studying for two and a half hours, we turned on the TV.
Today, on our second day, we noticed we weren’t doing that bad at all. Although we were stumbling through the dialogue our teacher tried to pull us through when entering her house, we surprised ourselves with the many words and sentences we could come up with during our three our lesson.

When learning a language, you generally go through a number of cycles where realisations of ineptitude and aptitude are the, sequential, major emotions as far as learning the language is concerned. After an afternoon of ineptitude, during the lessons we felt quite apt. After doing today’s homework, we felt very inapt again.
Still, the language isn’t as hard as some other languages. The major hurdle seems to be the vocabulary. The grammar appears to be very straightforward, very regular. Let’s hope it really is.
Already, I can ask ‘hwahwa ari kupi’, ‘where is the beer?’. Important.

On a side note, Delft, my hometown, burned today: Malta, a shop selling sporting gear close to the downtown central market, burned to the ground, taking the two next-door houses with it.

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