Midnight train to BXL

On one of my business trips for Procter & Gamble, in January 1999, to Warsaw, Poland, getting back to Brussels, the place where I lived, was prohibited by very bad weather all over Europe.
No planes were flying anywhere. Together with a couple of colleagues, we took a train all the way back to Belgium. This is the phototour of that trip.

Note (January 2008): I moved the photos to Flickr and this page to inside my blog. It's interesting to see that, in fact, this 'project' was something of a precursor to a later project of mine, Portreat.
Also, the camera which I used was the digital camera of a colleague of mine (also on the train). It ate batteries like cats eat fish. In order to get as many photos on the camera as possible, I shot at the lowest resolution (VGA) and the highest compression. Hence the crappy quality.

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