Just a round-up

No, I don’t have anything spectacular to tell you. Just a round-up of the week, which I’m writing down more for my my benefit than you, dear reader.

On Tuesday, Betsy and I had our last Farsi lesson at the Azami residence. It’s been really helpful, so now it’s up to me and me alone, to learn the language. Betsy will probably resign, since she was starting to get less and less interested as the weeks passed by.
On Thursday, we celebrated the end of our course with a fantastic dinner mrs Azami cooked for us.

I’ve been very busy with work, over the past two weeks. ENG-nl.com still isn’t finished, Eye on Development is taking a lot of time, trying to understand the inner workings of eZ publish, which we use as the cms for that site, and I’ve started work on Chaletplaza.nl.
That last one has been bugging me a lot: I’m supposed to import xml files and read data from these files. Not really a challenge. BUT, I have to deal with 7 files, four of which are about 20MB big, one of which is a humongous 150MB. After experimenting for a couple of days, I still have no clue how to tackle this.

This night, Betsy and I had dinner with my parents at ‘De Gouden Wok’, an all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant. The food’s very reasonable, and so is the price, but although we’ve been here before, tonight the restaurant really felt like a Food Factory, aimed at the common man, with live music playing loudly from the speakers I wouldnt’ want to get caught dead in and children running around constantly.

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Tomorrow night I’ll be leaving for a short trip to Hamburg. An aunt of mine, from Iran, is staying with another aunt of mine, and I want to talk my obtaining an Iranian passport with her.
I’m taking the bus. Not funny. But I don’t really have a choice; it’s the cheapest option and I’m still a pauper.