Good to be back

Lake Qargha
The Qargha golf course
Lev on lake Qargha
The victory arch in Paghman
Pretty white arch
Giovanni on lake Qargha
Coming down
The little house above the prairie

The second day of the weekend and me fully recovered after dragging myself out of bed at 11am, we visited Kharga dam again, where the water had risen some 15 meters since our last visit, kebab shops were doing good business and guys were actually braving the chilly water.
We now had to pay a 20 afghani entrance fee for the car, for what now could aptly be called 'Kabul beach'.

Giovanni made a remark about a patch of land he had spotted last year, in Paghman valley, where he had found potatoes growing together with marijuana. We decided to find the spot of land again, meaning we had to drive to the end of a dirt road going into the mountains, park the car, and walk besides a stream for 40 minutes.
We found the patch of land, on which, again, potatoes were mingling with this very popular weed and I felt good about having earlier decided to wear slippers, not shoes. I crossed the stream, to a road, making walking back to the car much easier. Not a problem, even though I had to wade through the stream, disappearing in it up to my knees.

It was another fantastic day, beautiful weather, a light breeze, fantastic scenery, good food and it felt good to be back.

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