Family visit in Germany

Since it might just happen I’ll be in Zimbabwe for two years, it made sense to visit my family in Germany before crossing the equator. Not that I had that much time to spend, but I wanted to see them before I left. Only problem was that they live close to Hamburg and close to Saarbruecken. Some 700 kilometers apart.

The trip, although enjoyable, wasn’t very spectacular and we ended up chatting about regular stuff, although the elections, on Friday, in Iran, were an often debated topic too.

Iraj, in Saarbruecken, had a visitor from Iran, a sister of his wife, whom with it was interesting to talk. She told me that, in Iran, the younger generation have no belief whatsoever in the system, but that they don’t feel for a revolution either. They’d rather see a gradual change in Iran, although she agreed this might take decades.

Also, I put my car up for sale today. It’s a 1998 Ford Ka. If you’re interested, give me a call 🙂

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