Busy weekend

Spent the early afternoon at the first official meeting of the OBCZ, Official Bookcrossing Zone Delft. Interestingly, all, except two (three if you count Benno, who I brought along), of the participants were women. I couldn’t shake the feeling that a decade ago, these same women would have gotten together to fold origami birds and three decades ago, they would have been part of the same knitting circle.

On Saturday, Joost married Neha, in Delft, while Betsy was watching the ceremony on the webcam in Johannesburg. I had a bit of a hangover from the night before, when I cycled home at 3am, with my luggage from the flight to Amsterdam on my back.
Once again, they had misplaced my luggage. It was promised the bag would be delivered to my parents house, but in the end, it was delivered to the pub I was drinking it. As these things go.

On the trip

One more thing about the trip. Heavy security meant I was checked seven times at Jo’burg airport, before I could finally enter the air plane. My bag was inspected, three times, but at no occasion did they find the spray can of deodorant. What’s more, the steeped up security at Heathrow also didn’t discover the can.
I also ‘went off’, when walking through the scanner, but no one was at hand to do a hand scan on me. I waited a few minutes and then simply walked off. Good stuff man, those new security measures.

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